Body Composition Tracker

Keep track of body composition readings in your daily log. This tracker can be used for a many brands and models of body composition measurement devices, giving you flexibility to buy new devices without losing all the readings from your old model. The Body Composition tracker provides the ability to track weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, physique rating, and much more. Monitor your readings at various times of the day and as often as you like. As with our other trackers, you have access to flexible and highly customizable goals to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Create goals that progress with you and your fitness level.

Track Your Body Composition
The body composition tracker is available for individuals logging measurements from a body composition scale or other body fat testing devices. Record advanced metrics of your body fat percentage and more. For tracking weight from a standard weight scale, use the Body Measurements Tracker.

With the body composition feature, you can track:

  • Weight
  • Visceral Fat: The total amount of fat in the abdominal cavity and surrounding organs
  • Body Fat Percentage: Total body fat percentage
  • Body Water Percentage: Percentage of water weight
  • Bone Mass: Total bone mass weight
  • Muscle Mass: Total muscle mass weight
  • Metabolic Age: Related to metabolic rate - Helps maintain the daily minimum level of energy or calories your body requires when resting or sleeping to function effectively
  • Physique Rating: Rating from 1 to 9 based on your body fat to muscle mass ratio
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): Estimates the total number of calories required to maintain primary body function while at rest
  • Daily Caloric Intake (DCI): Estimated calories required to maintain your current weight.
  • Segmental Body Fat%: For arms, legs, and trunk measurements
  • Segmental Muscle Mass: For arms, legs, and trunk measurements

Set & Monitor Your Body Composition Goals
Set goals for any of your body composition readings. Create custom goals for each tracked value and set new targets as your body changes. Our tracker provides the flexibility to create a wide range of custom goals. Stay focused on key metrics that are most important to you, setting minimum, maximum, ranges, and target values, then build charts to quickly see your progress.

Chart Your Values Over Time
Track your body composition measurements over time with chart trending and analysis. Identify trends in your readings values outside of target ranges and goals. A chart is available for each value tracked in the tracker. Customize each chart to show in graph, table or even a split view. Export options are available on each chart, making is easy to save a chart as an image or export the information into a spreadsheet. Create custom views that let you put multiple charts on the same page, making it easier to see related changes over time.

Generate Reports
Sharing information with health advisors is easy with personalized report options. Reports are automatically updated when new log entries are entered. Each report includes your name and log detail. Create reports of your data with flexible filtering options, including day and date range selectors. Reports are available with our without segmental body measurements. Reports are generated in PDF format, making it easy to save, print, or email.