Exercise & Workout Tracker

The Exercise Tracker helps you keep a daily exercise exercise log, including automatically calculating your total caloric and fat burn rates each day. Group exercises together for a personalized workout routine, including instructions, and default settings for reps, weight amounts, minutes, and more. Add any activity you view as exercise, and we’ll estimate the caloric burn and fat burn for you. Create workout routines for your morning, afternoon, or evening workouts. Daily summaries, charting, and goals creation are available to help your reach your fitness goals and monitor your progress along the way.

Track Your Daily Exercise & Workouts
The Exercise Tracker makes it easy to log all of your exercise and get a detailed breakdown of your daily activity. You start by searching our extensive database of exercises spanning a wide range of fitness areas, from weight lifting to yoga. If you can't find the exercise or activity you are looking for, you can add your own custom exercise. We even provide a built-in calculator based on calculations provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to automatically estimate the caloric and fat burn amounts for your custom exercises if you don't know them. It is helps you get fit, you can track it with the Exercise Tracker. If you have standard workouts, you can create workout routines by grouping exercises together, customizing the time, weight, and repetitions as needed. Once you've found your exercises or built your workouts, they are added to your My Exercise list, making it as easy as one click to add an exercise or an entire workout to your daily log. For each exercise entry, you can change the duration, weight, reps, or other key variables and the tracker will automatically calculate the caloric and fat burn. Each exercise entry includes it's own notes section, so you can keep a detail exercise log. You can review your exercise summary by day or see the details for each exercise.

Our database of exercises includes over 1000+ exercises across 23 fitness categories accommodating both men and women, including aerobics, band exercises, boxing, kickboxing, calisthenics, circuit training, cycling, dance, exercise machines, hiking, isometrics, pilates, rowing, running, jogging, skating, rollerblading, stability-ball exercises, step-ups, stretching, swimming, team sports, walking, weight training, and yoga.

Daily Exercise Activity Summary
The daily exercise summary provides a total of your daily activity statistics. You can create goals on each of these key exercise statistics and quickly see your daily progress to meeting them. The summary includes:

  • Calories Burned: Your total calories burned through all logged activities in the day
  • Fat Burned: Total grams of fat burned throughout the day based on all logged activities.
  • Cardio Time: Total time spent performing cardiovascular exercises.
  • Strength Training Time: Total time spent throughout the day on strength training exercises.
  • Total Exercise Time: Total exercise and activity time throughout the day.

Set & Monitor Your Fitness Goals

Setting a goal is an integrated feature in the Exercise Tracker. You can set goals on any of the exercise summary fields, meaning you can create goals on your daily caloric burn, fat burn, cardio time, strength training time, and total exercise time. Goals can be set by entry, by time slot (such as morning, afternoon, or evening), by day, by week, and by month. The flexible goal feature makes it easy to create a wide range of goals and then chart and monitor your progress over time. There are hundreds of different exercise and activity goals you can setup in HealtheHuman™ to help you set and meet your fitness objectives.

Chart & Analyze Your Exercise Activity Over Time

Choose from an extensive library of charts for your daily exercise information. Easily chart your daily totals for calories burned, fat burned, cardio time, strength training time, and total exercise time. Use the dashboard features to combine charts across different exercise fields and analyze changes over weeks, months, and even the last year. All of the charts can be saved as images, making it easy to print, email, and share your fitness charts with your personal trainer or other health advisor.

Generate Exercise Activity Reports
Quickly create reports for all of your exercise and workout tracker data. Create Daily Exercise Summary reports to easily share the details of your exercise activity with your personal trainer or other health advisor. Reports are generated in PDF format, making it easy to save, print, or email.