Laboratory Results Tracker

The Laboratory Results Tracker helps you keep a record of all your lab tests and results. Keep track of laboratories you commonly use for lab work and link them to specific tests. Each test can be associated to ordering physicians from your Advisor History. Create and monitor your results with custom charts and goal that analyze the information in your log. Not only does this help keep track of the test you've had performed, it also gives you tools to track changes over time and flag abnormal results.

Track Your Laboratory Tests & Results

Keep track of laboratory test results and the locations where they are performed. A lab test may consist of one lab field or multiple. Our database contains hundreds of different test fields, letting you quickly logged all the details of your lab tests. Our lab test entry tools can handle full panels and tests that have numerous results. The daily log provides a way to quickly view laboratory test results for a given month, and easily identify abnormal results. Export directly from the daily log to your favorite spreadsheet program or share personalized reports with your advisors.

In the laboratory results tracker, you can track:

  • Date/Time of Test
  • Laboratory: Name and address of laboratory where labs were drawn
  • Physician/Advisor: Link to your advisor history for ordering physician or advisor
  • Reference #: Reference number from lab work slip
  • Results value: Name and value of specific lab results
  • Abnormal results flag: Flag indicating abnormally high or low results

Chart Changes in Your Test Results Over Time
Plot changes in your laboratory results over time. Identify patterns in your lab results that might provide insights into conditions, symptoms, or other relevant parts of your health. You can chart your results for each lab result field, making it easy to plot all your readings for a test result. Customize each chart to show in graph, table or even a split view. Analyze field results together by building dashboards of your test results, showing multiple fields together on the same screen over the same time period. Export options are available on each chart, making is easy to save a chart as an image or export the information into a spreadsheet.

Create Goals to Improve Key Test Results
Healthy test result values vary by individuals and can be affected by your health conditions. We provide goal tracking to support a wide range of values and goals. Zero in on the numbers that are most important in reaching your health goals. Set minimum, maximum, ranges, and target values for each test result field. Each goal provides a quick status, details, start and end dates. Create as many goals on as many different lab results as needed to monitor your health.

Generate Reports of Lab Tests or Historic Results for a Test
Sharing information with physicians or other health advisors is easy with personalized report options. Reports are automatically updated when new log entries are entered. Reports are available for each lab test, as well as reports on each lab field so you can see all your readings for a particular test result. Utilize flexible filtering options, including day and date range selectors, to produce the report you want. All reports are generated in PDF format, making it easy to save, print, or email.