Medication History

The medication history feature allows you to create a prescription history, including details for each usage and so much more. Log the prescribing physician, medication reactions, and the times they were taken, all in one place. Logging your current medications and those taken in the past provides a detailed report to bring with you to any health advisor.

Create a Detail Medication History
Maintain a detailed record of your medications, both current and historical. A medication history can provide valuable information to your doctor and show all of the medications you are taking together, regardless of which doctor is prescribing it. Our health care advisors are not always aware of what other doctors are prescribing. Over medicating or medication interactions can be very dangerous. Keep all of your health professionals advised properly of your medications as well as any allergic reactions with a current, detailed list. A comprehensive, accurate medication history can also be invaluable for you and your family in the event of an emergency.

The Medication Tracker can be used to provide a daily log of the medications you are taking. When you add a medication to your personalized list in the Medication Tracker, it will automatically be added it to your Medication History. Tracking daily usage can help members stay compliant with their medication schedule as well as provide doctors with a detailed view of how medications are being used on a day-to-day basis.

Link Your Prescriptions to Your Advisor History
Link health professionals to prescribed medications. For some individuals, medications might be prescribed by several different doctors or from a long time ago. Remembering this information can become cumbersome and often inaccurate. We help you track and remember this valuable information to ensure your health professionals get the most accurate, up to date prescription history possible.

Link Medications to Related Areas of Your Health History
Medications are often prescribed to treat a specific condition or to help alleviate symptoms. With the Health Associations function, you can link your Medication History to any other part of your Health Profile, including conditions, procedures, surgeries, hospitalizations, symptoms, or any other relevant area of your history.

Generate Medication History Reports
Sharing information with physicians or other health advisors is quick and easy. Produce a summary report of your medication history. Reports are generated in PDF format, making it easy to save, print, or email.