Pain and Symptom Tracker

Often times, the first indication of a health problem is the appearance and progression of a pain or symptom. No one knows your body better than you do, so keeping track of any pains or symptoms can become valuable information for your health advisors. The Pain and Symptoms tracker logs pains and symptoms, including options to indicate the affected areas of the body and level of discomfort. Track your discomfort level for the day or by each hour. The tracker can help identifying patterns in your symptoms and provides personalized charts to map out these patterns for you.

Track Your Daily Pain & Symptoms

Keep a detailed daily log of your pain and symptoms. Start by searching our extensive database of hundreds of symptoms and then customize them to match your pain and discomfort levels. When a new symptom is added to your daily log, it will automatically be added to your My Symptoms list. Anytime you have that symptom again, simply drag and drop from your list to your daily log. View your daily summary chart by symptom for a quick status for the selected month.

In the pain and symptom tracker, you can track:

  • Description
  • Symptom
  • Affected area of body
  • Pain or discomfort level

Set & Monitor Goals on Your Pain Levels
Custom goal creation and tracking is available on the daily average for your pain and discomfort levels. Each goal provides a quick status, details, start and end dates. Create multiple goals as your health conditions change.

Chart Changes in Your Pain & Discomfort
View changes in your symptoms over periods of time. Identify patterns in your daily log that help keep you informed of your discomfort levels. A chart is available for each of your symptoms. Customize each chart to show in graph, table or even a split view. Export options are available on each chart, making is easy to save a chart as an image or export the information into a spreadsheet. Create custom dashboards that let you put multiple charts on the same page, making it easier to see related changes over time.

Generate Detailed Reports on Your Symptoms
Sharing information with physicians or other health advisors is easy with personalized report options. Reports are automatically updated when new log entries are entered. Summary reports includes your name and your daily details. Create reports of your data with flexible filtering options, including day and date range selectors. Reports are generated in PDF format, making it easy to save, print, or email.