Supplement Tracker

Log all your vitamins and supplements in your daily Supplement Tracker. Keep a detailed log of when you take specific supplements to share with your health advisors. Adding items to your favorites list can save time and enable you to input routine dosage, quantities, and the times of day taken. Then the next time you want to record when you took a multivitamin, simply drag and drop it to the appropriate day in your log. Setup your daily routine in advance and confirm entries on the days they were taken. Generate supplement usage reports to share with the people that are helping you stay healthy.

Track Your Daily Supplements & Vitamin Use
Keeping detailed records for your use of vitamins and supplements is quick and easy with the Supplement Tracker feature. Start by searching our database containing over 40,000+ vitamins, herbs, and supplements, including many popular brands. If you don't find your supplements, you can add you own custom supplements. Once you find the supplement you are taking, you can setup exact daily usage instructions, including multiple dosages at different times of the day. Your supplements appear in your My Supplements list, letting you add all the daily dosages of your supplements with one-click. Each entry has a confirmation setting, letting you plan out your vitamin and supplement schedule and then explicitly confirm each dose as you take them. For each supplement entry, you can track the date, time, dosage, and any notes, helping you build up a comprehensive and detailed supplement log.

Automatically Integrated With Your Health History
The Supplement Tracker automatically integrates any new supplements or changes to existing supplement with your Supplement History. As new supplements are created, they are added to your Supplement History, helping maintain an integrated health profile. When supplements are associated to doctors or other health advisors, it is also added to the Advisor History. By keeping your Health History synchronized and integrated with your daily trackers, our tools make it easier to build and maintain a comprehensive health history.

Create Goals
Create goals for the dosages your supplements, including the number of dosages by entry, by time of day (such as morning, afternoon, or evening), by day, by week, and by month. Use the goals feature to monitor your compliance with your common supplements or to setup goals to reduce your usage of certain supplements or herbs. Goals can be created for each vitamin or supplement, allowing you to customize your tracking and monitoring by supplement.

Build Charts for Your Use of Supplements
Chart your supplement usage over time easily with the charting features. Build customized charts by supplement, including dosage and total quantity, summarized by day. Easily see changes in usage of supplements over weeks, months, and even throughout the year. Combine multiple charts into a dashboard to create side-by-side comparisons of supplement usage over similar time periods. Each chart can be saved as a image, making it easy to print, email, and share any supplement information you chart with your health advisors.

Generate Summary & Detail Reports of Your Supplements
Quickly create reports for all of your supplement tracker data. Create a Daily Supplement Summary reports or a Supplement Prescription History to easily share your supplement usage details with doctors or other health advisors. Reports are generated in PDF format, making it easy to save, print, or email.