Sexuality and Sex – The Importance of Foreplay

sex-desireSexuality is a natural desire within us to look young and sexually attractive. A woman desires her sexuality to remain young forever with well-built busts and a slim, beautiful figure. Similarly a man wishes a well-built muscular body to impress the opposite sex.

Sexuality inevitably leads to the desire of sex, with a spur of hormones driving energy within the body, the feeling to possess the other person solely for himself or herself.

Erotic feelings and thoughts motivates the person to build closeness and initiate physical intimacy between his or her counterpart to a point where mere physical touch gives an immense pleasure.

Sexuality and Sex

The body adequately reacts to this wave of sexuality. The body also prepares itself for sex with secretions of fluids from the vagina or penis that enables easy penetration during sexual intercourse. The body heats up with sweating, heart beat rises as your partner comes close and touches more and more.

With the continuing sexual activity, pumping and thrusting, it is not long with the body reaches towards orgasm, a climax that leads the man to ejaculate the sperms, and the woman to experience an extreme uncontrolled sexual feeling, with a release of energy.

All this act of sex not only reduces stress, it also enables the person to lose a lot of calories as sexual intercourse uses up a lot of energy from the body. It is usually the man who is at the top of woman, and whose body initiates the “pumping” or thrusting action, and of course, it is the man who loses most of the calories.

What is Foreplay?
Foreplay means to enjoy playing with your partner’s body, especially the genitals, before the actual sexual intercourse. It involves touching, kissing, using fingers actively to excite your partner, oral sex etc.

foreplayQuite often, the man ejaculates “too soon” before enjoying the complete process, and especially for this, it becomes necessary to engage in foreplay.

When your partner is near, the man should not try to “quickly grab the opportunity”, reach orgasm and ejaculate. This won’t let either one of the two enjoy sex completely, and most often, it is the woman who suffers with it.

Importance of Foreplay

It thus becomes necessary to charge your partner as well as yourself before the actual act of sex with foreplay. Every act, gesture and act matters here, including use of mild deodorants and perfumes, music, and the ambience. With all this perfectly set, begin with talks that favor your partner, and gradually indulge in foreplay to enjoy the full round of sex that will be more satisfying and relaxing for both.

Startup with Sex & Advice for Better Sex

Sex is an enjoyable and pleasurable act, both for the man and the woman, which becomes more enjoyable if it is “played” in different positions.

Just like you won’t be enjoying the same food each day, sex at the same position all the time perhaps makes it less enjoyable. Try to understand and perform with the different positions and acts, which would make each session memorable with a mind-blowing experience. The best way to understand about sexual acts and position is with an ancient Indian book, called Kama Sutra, which contains detailed instructions to different sex positions.

sex-position-diceA few such positions are:

  1. Missionary position: This is the most common position for sex with the woman lying on her back spreading her legs, and the man on top of her. A woman usually feels most comfortable in this position.
  2. Butterfly position: The man in standing position penetrates the woman, who lies on her back with hips on the edge of the bed.
  3. Missionary position with man lying on back: The man lies on his back with the woman on top of him. Different positions can be tried with the woman either sitting, or lying over the man.
  4. Doggie Style: The woman bends on her knees and the man penetrates her vagina from behind her.
  5. Man on chair: The man sits on a chair or sofa (without armrests) and the woman sits over him.

Advice for better sex

Besides the positions, it is also equally important to have knowledge about kegels, g-spot, clitoris in its simulation in women, the frenulum of the penis and its simulation in the man.

better-sexKegels: Exercise that involves the tightening and releasing of the muscles that control the flow of urine. Kegels are good for the man to get a harder erection, while for the woman, it gives more control over her vaginal muscles to “hold the penis tightly” during penetration.

Clitoris: An external organ in woman on top of the vagina, that is highly sensitive to touch. Correct way to simulate the clitoris, especially with oral sex, makes it very pleasurable to the woman. It is somewhat similar the glans of the male penis, but in much smaller size.

Frenulum: A sensitive penile tissue at the back of the glans. Simulating the frenulum correctly will make sex more pleasurable to the man, especially if done as oral sex by the woman.

The woman should “play” with penis in erect position; massage it slowly with any lubricant for at least 5-10 minutes before penetration. If the man feels he would ejaculate, then stop the massage, and the man should play with her, say simulate the clitoris and her nipples to delay the ejaculation and extend the duration of foreplay.

All this information will inevitably make sex a more pleasurable and memorable experience.