Five Ways To Naturally Treat Low Sperm Count

Did you know that the average man today has a significantly lower sperm count when compared to his grandfather?

Researchers point to a number of different factors that have contributed to this trend, including environmental exposure to chemicals, as well as men living more sedentary lifestyles and eating foods that are highly processed. Reversing low sperm count, however, is not an impossible task.

There are numerous effective ways to do so, all completely natural and safe.

fertility-healthStay Fit To Enhance Male Fertility

Western men live a sedentary lifestyle which can only be described as an aberration of history when compared to the way that men lived in previous generations.

The majority of American men, for example, don’t get the amount of exercise that they need in order to live more healthier lives. Regular exercise not only contributes to healthier cardiac function, but helps all parts of the body to work better, including those responsible for the production of sperm. An exercise routine of thirty to forty-five minutes per day, three to four times per week is more than enough for all men to improve their fertility.

Be warned, however, that exercising too much can actually lower the production of sperm.

Limit Exposure To Potentially Harmful Chemical Agents

Our environment today is filled with chemicals and noxious substances that simply weren’t present before the beginning of the industrial revolution. We’re also constantly exposed to synthetic materials used in packaging and other sources. Some researchers believe that men who are exposed to harmful agents over a period of time develop the inability to produce normal levels of sperm. Materials to watch out for include:

  • Plastics, such as those commonly used in food packaging.
  • Chlorinated liquids, including tap water and household bleach
  • Foods exposed to pesticides and herbicides
  • Dairy products from cows treated with hormones
  • Barbecued or seared meats
  • Caffeine and alcohol

Enhance-Male-FertilityEat A More Natural, Healthier Diet To Boost Sperm Count

In general, the more processed that a food item is, the less healthy it’s going to be for you. As such, experts agree that men should avoid foods that contain artificial coloring, preservatives, additives, and other nasty items that are made in laboratories and not natural.

Instead, focus on eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as lean organic meats. The most important goal is to weigh a normal amount, as studies have shown that obese men have significantly lower counts of sperm when tested against men at their ideal weight.

Use Male Enhancement Pills To Treat A Low Sperm Count

Quality manufactured male enhancement pills are naturally derived supplements that are proven to help raise sperm count and even increase the amount of ejaculate produced. Many of the most trusted brands have been the subject of clinical studies that have ultimately been shown to support the product’s efficacy. Men everywhere can benefit from using these pills on a regular basis, which are completely safe and free of potentially dangerous side effects. Given the relatively low cost of these pills compared to traditional medical treatments to boost male fertility, they may very well be the best starting point in a man’s journey to treat decreased sperm production.